RCF Scholarship Recipients

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Congratulations to the Roberts Community Foundation Scholarship Recipients!

 Bentley Bertolino, 2023

Benjamin Kosel, 2022

Lukas Kosel, 2022

Emma DeVries, 2021

Presten Ehrlich, 2020

Boone Schmaltz, 2019

Maddie Allen 2019

Allex Kosel, 2018

Andrew “Sean” Perkins, 2017

Ryan Miller, 2016

Rick Hibbs, 2015

Kelsey Pratt, 2014

Trevor Krook, 2013

Trisha Ayre, 2012

Rory Bauer 2011

Macy Ropp 2010

Jay Jones 2009

Kaitlin King 2008

Melia Ropp, 2007



Jaylee Joki Booth

Aunna Bertolino

Malia Piccin

Mylan Peterson

RCF Recent Activities

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The Roberts Community Foundation established the Roberts Activities Committee to promote the Festival on First and the Veterans’ Honor Memorial. Dozens of community volunteers erect crosses, flags and dog tags along Highway 212 twice yearly, surrounding Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day.

The Roberts Activities Committee hosts monthly gatherings called the “Rusty Rockets” on the third Tuesdays from 1-4pm for seniors at the Roberts Fire Hall. The RAC organized the 2023 All Class Centennial School Reunion, which was a great success for our school and community. The RCF provided financial and administrative assistance for the 2023 reunion. Due to the reunion, the RCF did not hold the annual Golf Scramble in 2023, but will hold it again in 2024.

We are completing the major work in beautifying our town, and we will continue to maintain the flowers and shrubs in the gateway monuments and throughout the business area. In the Fall of 2023, the remaining Colorado spruce were planted. RCF purchased electrical supplies to add Christmas decorations on more light poles in the town and will pursue purchasing more decorations in the future. We will explore with the Fire Board, County Commission and neighbors the possibility of adding light poles in areas that don’t have street lights and will seek grant funds if the consensus is to go ahead with this project.

We’re pleased to host all-board meetings (aka Town Hall Meetings) where government districts in Roberts (school, water/sewer, fire district, cemetery, county commission) can share upcoming projects and future needs.

We participate in the annual Red Lodge Area Community Foundation’s Fun Run, which raises RCF a few thousand dollars per year. We appreciate being a part of the larger charitable community in Carbon County.

RCF has purchased a kiosk to be placed at the Roberts School, which will include Roberts history as well as entries from school groups and classes.

We are partnering with the school to add solar panels on the bus barn, and will seek grant funds to develop additional solar power for our school.

Volunteers have digitized and enhanced graduate photos, rehabbed the picture frames and re-hung the class photos in the main halfway.

We have provided funds for snacks, as students do not have access to food items outside of breakfast and lunch and often times are in school activities past 6pm.

And, we bought a basketball shooting machine for use by students and athletes.

We have awarded post-secondary scholarships to Roberts students for the past 24 years. RCF enjoys awarding these scholarships to celebrate our students.

We are blessed with a large endowment fund managed by the Montana Community Foundation that provides good-sized interest payments yearly. The principle of our endowment funds cannot be touched, but serves as income through interest payments in perpetuity for the community of Roberts. We also encourage individuals to review their estate planning to continue their family’s legacy in our community.

We rely on generous donors to fund the bulk of our community and school investments. We mainly appeal for funds through newsletters and fundraising appeals.


The Rusty Rockets (aka Roberts Centennial All School Reunion)

The Roberts Centennial All School Reunion team consisting of the Roberts Reunion Committee, Roberts Activities Committee and the Roberts Community Foundation thank all our sponsors, volunteers and attendees for a wonderful reunion during the summer of 2023! We're looking forward to the next all-school reunion in 2033!

The Roberts Centennial All School Reunion Facebook page has been renamed The Rusty Rockets, and can be found here:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100080170557451 Be sure to check it out for reunion photos and continuing posts about our community and school history!

Roberts Activities Committee

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We're the group responsible for installing crosses and dog tags twice a year through Roberts. And, we also sponsor a monthly "Rusty Rockets" senior citizen get-together (3rd Tuesdays at 1pm) at the Roberts Fire Hall. Join us for these activities and keep up with the news by following our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Roberts-Activities-Committee-107551428493635

In addition, we were successful in designating Highway 212 as the Veterans' Memorial Highway, by circulating a petition to the appropriate officials to make this happen! In addition to Roberts, the communities of Joliet, Fromberg, Belfry, Bridger and Red Lodge followed suit. This just adds one more dimension to Carbon County’s tremendous Patriotic Spirit! God bless our Veterans and their families, Carbon County and the great state of Montana. To help with this effort, contact one of the officers listed below.


Steve Keebler, President

Kyle McKinney, Vice President

Elta Ayre, Secretary-Treasurer

RHS Scholarship Information

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Information for 2024 RHS graduating seniors:



Roberts Community Foundation

Post-Secondary Education Scholarship

2024 Academic Year


Dear Applicant,


Thank you for your interest in the Roberts Community Foundation Postsecondary Education Scholarship. The Roberts Community Foundation was formed for the development and betterment of the Roberts Community including our young men and women. It is the hope of the Foundation that this scholarship will help further your academic pursuits. We wish you the very best of luck in following your dreams.


The scholarship amount of $2,000 shall be awarded to at least one and no more than two deserving seniors; who plan to enroll in a college, trade school, or a state registered apprenticeship program, either in-state or out-of-state. All award money will be paid directly to the postsecondary education institute/program upon confirmation of enrollment in same.


The Roberts Community Foundation Postsecondary Education Scholarship will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Community service hours at school and/or in the local community

  • Essay that describes the “true spirit” of contributing to your community

  • Extracurricular school/community activities

  • Letters of reference

  • Summary of higher education plans and short-term goals

  • High school cumulative GPA, ACT or SAT scores, and class rank


The following are required:

  • You must be a graduating senior at Roberts High School and have completed at least two school years at Roberts

  • An official high school transcript through the 7th semester containing cumulative GPA, ACT or SAT scores, and class rank

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0

  • Completion of the Roberts Community Foundation Postsecondary Education Scholarship Application Form


The following must be typewritten:

  • Provide all volunteer and community service performed. Please be as specific in the details of the volunteer activity as is needed for the selection committee to fully understand your contribution. Include hours for each organization/activity and the total hours of community service, by year, for your high school career.

  • Essay that describes the “true spirit” of contributing to your community. Please give credence to the following:

    • The essay must be 400-500 words

    • Include an introduction, main points, and a conclusion

    • Demonstrate the “true spirit” of community service by using one or two specific examples from your personal experiences

    • It should be unique, reflect your spirit, and be memorable

  • A list of your organized school/community extracurricular activities as well as any honors or awards received for those activities.

  • Letter of recommendation from a community leader, community organizer, clergy, employer, etc.

  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher, coach, club leader, etc. Please note, only one letter of recommendation can be from an employee of the Roberts School District and it is not required that either letter be from an employee of the Roberts School District.

  • A brief summary of your postsecondary education plans and short-term goals. Please include the following:

    • Provide your selected major, course of study, or trade and why you selected it

    • Identify the postsecondary institution/program you have selected and why you selected it

    • Goals for the next 12 months


Complete application packets must be submitted to your guidance counselor or the school superintendent. Any questions regarding this scholarship or application process should be directed to Alan Schuyler. Scholarship recipient(s) will be announced at the Roberts High School graduation ceremony.


Best wishes and good luck on behalf of the Roberts Community Foundation.


Roberts Community Foundation Scholarship Committee