Our Foundation History


In 1996, a small group of community members consisting of Robert Duncan, Ron Marshall, Elta Bertolino Ayre, Donna Tandy, Lyle Wright and MarCo LaRowe saw the need to form an organization to benefit the future of Roberts. The result was the formation of the Roberts Community Foundation. 

The vision created by this founding group has guided board members over the years. The Roberts Community Foundation has built a significant endowment fund and provided a tool for those who believe in this community and school system to leave their mark on its future. 

Over the years, the Foundation has been responsible for the facelift of the Roberts Town Park, a new sidewalk the length of First Street, adding lighting along Highway 212, additional street lights within the community, improvements in the Roberts Fire Department, Christmas lighting in the community, a new score board and bench for the gym, and a new electronic marquee to publicize school and community events. Also, the Foundation created a master plan for the future, which includes beautification projects in the community, and has resulted in purchasing and planting over 200 trees. The Foundation has funded educational opportunities in the school and community.

RCF provided funding for educational and musical equipment and materials, safety features, furnishing the new library, a new trophy case and scoreboards at the school. One of the Foundation’s goals is to reinforce the community’s spirit and image. We support a number of youth organizations within the school and community. RCF has obtained grants and funding that have provided over a quarter million dollars of improvements and positive changes within Roberts. The Foundation administered a grant through Carbon County and the Montana Department of Transportation and built "gateway monuments," designed by D-RockBoyz, along the highway on either end of town. RCF maintains the flowering plants and grasses on those monuments. 

Board members have changed over the years. Current board members are President Alan Schuyler, Vice President Gordy Hill, Co-Treasurer Kelley Guasp, Co-Treasurer Patti Prinkki Keebler, Secretary Misty Pitts, Paula Marshall Pederson, Tim Swansborough, Andrew Dimich and Janice Polzin. Many other citizens have served on this board throughout its history and deserve credit for keeping the spirit of “a place to come home to” alive today. (A list of all who have served as board members is below.)



The Roberts Community Foundation’s mission is to safeguard and enhance the integrity of the Roberts area community and school system. Our collective purpose is to establish a strong fund development program that assists those services and programs considered important for the Roberts area now and in the future.

Roberts Community Foundation * History of Board Membership

Julie Papez Harmala 1997 1999
MarCo LaRowe 1997 1999
Ron Prinkki 1998 2000
Donna Tandy 1997 2002
Tracy Timmons 2000 2002
Lyle Wright 1997 2003
Ron Marshall 1997 2003
Randy Weimer 2002 2004
James Binando 2002 2005
Lance Million 2003 2005
JaLayne Smith Obert 2003 2006
Shirley Baum Kane 1999 2009
Mike Loughney 1999 2013
Rusty DeVries 2009 2013
Elta Bertolino Ayre 1997 2014
Tisa Wright 2005 2014
Trish Morris 2008 2014
Leah Harvey 2015 2016
Joel Bertolino 2009 2017
Jane Zumbrun 2002 2018
Mary Ellen Doty 2015 2018
Tammy Helsper 2019 2020
Cherie Hill Mondragon 2016 2022
Gordon Hill 2005 Present
Alan Schuyler 2009 Present
Patti Prinkki Keebler 2013 Present
Karen Kansala 2015 2023
Tim Swansborough 2016 Present
Paula Marshall Pederson 2021 Present
Andrew Dimich 2022 Present
Janice Polzin 2022 Present
Kelley Guasp 2022 Present
Misty Pitts 2024 Present






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